Skiing the California 14ers

California's 14ers -- If I had to make a list of my favorite peaks in the range many of them would be  commingled with this list of fabulous ski objectives here in Golden State:

Glen Poulsen on Mt. Langley
  1. Mt Langley
  2. Mt Muir
  3. Mt Whitney
  4. Mt Russel
  5. Mt Williamson
  6. Mt Tyndal
  7. Split Mountain
  8. Middle Pallisade
  9. Mt Sill
  10. Polemonium Peak
  11. North Pallisade
  12. Thunderbolt Mountain
  13. White Mountain
  14. Mt. Shasta

April 24, 2011  Note: At some point,  I look forward to publishing accounts from each of the CA 14ers listed above. Life just keeps getting in the way. Be sure to read about our recent adventures on Split and Middle Pal from April 2011.